Q1: Is the UnionPay card accepted?

A: Most shops accept this card but some may not. Please ask shop staff for more information.

Q2: Where can I exchange currency?

A: There are currency exchange machines available at the tax counter.
American Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), Chinese Renminbi (CNY), South Korean Won (KRW), Thai Baht (THB), New Taiwan Dollars (TWD) and Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) can all be exchanged for Japanese Yen (JPY).

Q3: Where can I get information about sightseeing or transportation?


Q4: Is assistance available in languages other than Japanese?

A: Unfortunately, our support staff members only speak Japanese. Please contact the multi-language call center for service in other languages.

Q5: Are credit cards accepted?

A: Yes. Major credit cards are accepted. Please ask at the shop whether your credit card is accepted or not.

Q6: Can I use a baby stroller?

A: Yes, you can. A coin-release baby stroller is available on each floor.

  • There are a limited number of baby strollers.
  • We are sorry, no advance reservations for a baby stroller can be accepted.
  • Please confirm the locations at the Information Desk.

Q7: Is TAXFREE shopping available?

A: TAXFREE shopping is available at a number of shops. Click here for more details.

Q8: Is there a drugstore in the mall?

A: Yes. HAC Drug is located on the first floor.

Q9: Is there a place for boarding/disembarking from large buses?

A: Passengers may board and disembark from large buses at the first floor central entrance. After passengers disembark, large buses must be parked in the temporary parking lot.

Q10: What shops are there in LaLaport TOYOSU?

A: There are a large number of major shops in LaLaport Toyosu, including UNIQLO, Muji, Tokyu Hands, YO-KAI WATCH, YOROZ MARK and many more.


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Outside Japan: +81-3-5927-9321

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